READ: Phil. 2.1-5

The apostle Paul had a hard life.

It didn’t start that way. 

In fact, he was a Roman citizen, and within the Roman Empire, that got you a lot of protections and privileges. 

He was educated in the top schools, and he was very smart. 

From an early age, he...



Read: 1 Kings 19.9b-18

We have a whole lot of problems and challenges in the world today.

And we have a whole lot of problems and challenges in our lives, in our families, and in our communities, too. 

Things we can never really seem to fix. 

Homelessness. Poverty. Corru...


READ: Mark 4:35-41

As many as you know, I like to sail. 

I have an 80-year-old, small wooden boat named Haiku, 

and I generally sail her on my sabbath, Fridays, out on Sayers Lake. 

If you remember, last Thursday, the winds here were up around 35-miles per hour,

but come F...


READ: 1. Samuel 15.1-16.13

Have you ever seen the credit card commercial in which these little scenarios play out in which someone’s bank card is stolen and used for purchases by someone else…

or someone else is stuck flying coach when others with better credit cards ar...

READ: Mark 3:20-35

I want to read to you three quotes this morning on the topic of family.

The first is from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who once wrote:

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”

And of course the author Harper Lee wrote a...

READ: Mark 2:23-3:6

During the Sundays of my youth, my family didn’t ever use the word “sabbath” to describe the seventh day of the week. 

But make no mistake: We sure did observe it. 

For an 8-year-old boy, the last thing I wanted to do on Sunday — one of the two preciou...

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